Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shor is Sure

Now, call me geeky but all I could think of as I was reading this document was this video.... Stick to The Status Quo.... Or not?


Shor explains how boring it is for students to "stick to the status quo". No one in the world likes boring, so why are we teaching our children and students that way? Being a student we know what boring lectures teach us... they teach us how to fall asleep in class and text/tweet all class without being caught. So how do we fix this?


Teach them something they actually care about. Make a math lesson interesting with circles by using car tires and paper plates.


By using real life examples, it helps show that these students need to know how to do these things in the future. Why need to know how to do area of a square? The real-life example is putting a rug in the room but not knowing how much you will need. Simple but interesting ways to teach. Problems like these connect to the Safe Spaces Document.

I personally believe I would have gotten more out of my education in the graded levels if I learned this way. But instead I learned how to smart talk myself out of situations and play candy crush without being caught. Now like usual I may have not “connected” this in the most perfect way, but I rather connect it to my life. I do NOT want to be that boring teacher with all worksheets. So I rather work harder to come up with more engaging lessons. That’s the type of learning that is actually needed.

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  1. You little rebel you! I love the tone of your blog, and you will be a great teacher. My education was a long time ago, and I absolute know that I would've benefitted from a progressive education. I wish great success. And I will miss you.