Monday, April 14, 2014

Citizenship in School: Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome

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ANYWAYS; here is my post.

Just like every single reading it took me hours to think about and sit down to do it. However, I think I am starting to get the hang of it. Even though there is just one more post left.

My best friend (well ex-best friend) has a sister with Cerebral Palsy and her best friend has Down Syndrome. They both are the most loving people I have ever met. When we were younger I remember the point where we were doing the same work as her, even though she was three years older than us. Since I was having trouble learning the school actually would "hand us off" to another teacher to help us learn. I always felt less able, just because I did not have the speech that the other students had.

After this experience I worked hard on my speech with my family. Always pronouncing "R, S, T, Q" words. Now, no one would NEVER know that I did not speak in till I was 5, and even then I was not saying words "right". Connecting with Christine's story.

My friend's sister also connects to Christine's story with the motor skills part and with Becky. She gets a pay check every week for being a cashier in a small store in the government. Everyday she saves her money and on good weeks, she will even buy something special for herself. Her favorite possession is her IPhone and favorite movie series ever is High School Musical. Being just like Troy and Gabriella she has found true love.

So why is this still an issue? In Rhode Island we have the playground imPOSSIBLE dreams, made so children can play together in a handicapped playground.

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