Sunday, March 30, 2014

Literacy With An Attiude: Extended off Jen's

So I had an extremely hard time with this reading and was waiting for someone to post something so I could do an extended comment on them and Jen's was the first one up. Now I know like it sounds like I just used her post but she actually did a really good job with her connections.


Extended Comments:


So Jen also states at the beginning of her blog post that she had some issues understanding the theme of Finn. Personally I think that saying "Stop that and do your work" is but harsh. There must be better and less rude ways to say this. Something along the lines "please stop what you are doing and do the work page".

Jen attaches this to Delpit which I think is a great connection. I personally saw multiple other connections.

“America would have no poor, just rich, richer, and richest” Amazing Grace

“Some minorities feel they have been wronged by mainstream Americans and that ‘acting white’ is a betrayal of their people.” Rodríguez

“People can become conscious of injustice and inequity, and through disciplined, focused, and strategic action, they can bring about change” Safe Spaces

“People who have the power to make changes are comfortable with the way things are. It takes energy to make change, and the energy must come from the people who will benefit from the change” Service Learning

These are quotes from Literacy with an Attitude with the connection afterwards.


My final note is “This was based on the observation that schools have learned how to educate the children of the gentry and how to ‘handle’ children of the working class-those who had been handled in school themselves.”


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  1. Hey Kaleena! Nice job with the extended comments off of Jen's blog! I had a hard time with this reading too.You both had really good points and did an awesome job connecting so many quotes to other readings! Good job!