Sunday, March 2, 2014

Disney: Dumb, Inequality, Sexist, Numbing, Expected, Young


    Linda Christensen argues that "Our society's culture industry colonizes their minds and teaches them how to act, live, and dream."

     Christensen argues that young society is manipulated early by things such as fairy tales, cartoons, and toys. She then says that this early learning stays with those children into adulthood and the problem doesn't stop; it is in all media, advertising and surrounds us in our everyday life. Christensen argues that analyzing these themes can "develop their critical consciousness...(and) move them (the students analyzing) to action." She wants her students to not only critique these cartoons but to also just become aware of the "secret education" and how powerful it really is. She first begins by asking the students to look at themselves and how it has affected them. She says that no one wants to believe that they have been wrongly taught but it is so obvious that they have. Once the students can become aware of these problems she then wants them to imagine a "better world, characterized by relationships of respect and equality." After looking at all of these issues in all media types, pulling out examples and relating it to everyday life, she then "create(s) the possibility for action." Once the students formed strong opinions about these issues they were able to create projects that could each about what they had learned. This made their projects real and meaningful, these issues are not just in the classroom they are in everyday life so this gave the students to opportunity to think about something, form an opinion and take action to try to make a difference. Linda Christensen makes her point, to not be manipulated and allow these stereotypes to become just accepted knowledge. In order to not do that she suggest becoming aware of the issues first and foremost, then analyzing them in order to form an opinion, and finally take action in order to create change. Christensen however made me question Disney's ways and somehow happened that multiple Disney movies were on ABC Family this morning. I watched Dumbo and saw this scene, which actually surprised me.

So this made me look up the definition of roustabouts. And I realized that they are calling themselves unskilled. Now I don't know about you but I think building a circus tent in the rain with elephants is pretty impressive.

   The part that aggravates me is that these movies were produced in 1930-1950. Disney would not put a movie like this in production today because of the outlast it would begin. If you watch 100 Dalmatians you can hear people saying stupid and dumb multiple times in different contexts. Now Disney has to make sure the kiss between Troy and Gabriella in High School Musicals are not to long in case someone will say it enforces that kissing is okay. Sometimes people think to deeply about these things and I think Linda is one of those people. Many people in our class grew up watching these movies and singing the songs but I think were okay now...

Do people really think this deeply about six princess.... There is so much hatred about Disney movies yet they are one of the biggest movie producers. I really want to know what the class has to say about this picture.

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  1. Hey Kaleena; nice post this week! I found the same picture and used it in my blog too :) It makes me wonder if those statements are really the takeaway from these movies. Putting them so bluntly makes them seem so terrible, but isn't there more to these characters than just beauty? You would think so, but maybe they aren't as well developed and children can only understand the messages in this picture. I hope we get to discuss this in class some more. Great job!