Monday, February 24, 2014


Safe Spaces is a book written by Annemarie Vaccaro, Gerri August, and Megan S. Kennedy. They show the importance of making schools and communities welcome the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender youth.


The pages in this book made me think more than any of the documents we have read before have. It Made me think of every single scenario I was ever in with someone that was not straight.
Ever since I was a little girl my family raised myself and my siblings as good American Catholic citizens. My religion is against any talk of this sort, which is not fair in my belief, because I have always been told God loves each of us. Just today actually, at the end of mass during the announcements arborist announced he will be taking a break and will be back in three months. And then he said "also please stop all of this gossip". And at that moment I knew why he was talking about. He was speaking about the accusations that he is gay. Which made me think about where else "coming-out" is an "issue".

At my high school they decided to start an diversity week the week before April vacation. At the time I really thought it was a joke. I mean my high school was roughly 99% white, middle class students. Never did I think that LGBT was an diverse issue. But then this boy "came-out" on Facebook. Guess how many likes he got... 159 likes. Absolutely amazing seeming Facebook is dead AND that no one wants to talk about the "issue". In my eyes there should be no issue. Everyone deserves the same respect.
I decided to do some research about other TV episodes for children have had a different family life than usually perceived. The only children television show recently shown was Good Luck Charlie. The show is made by Disney Channel, and they are getting many reviews; good and bad.
Honestly please check this link out its good. And make sure you read the comments underneath too see what other people's view points are.


  1. Kaleena, I really liked your blog post this week! I liked all of your connections to today's world, both within your high school and within a popular television show. Although it's against your religion, I thought it was great that people were so accepting of the high school student "coming out of the closet" and announcing he was gay. And I can't believe Disney Channel aired a lesbian couple in their show and how it was raising issues. Especially since it was the first time this has happened! Great post!

  2. Glad to see that you were able to relate this to some current "real world" issues. Next time, add some quotes from the text itself just to make your connections/analysis stronger.

  3. Hey Kaleena, I really liked your post this week, I posted about the disney channel show showing the lesbian couple for the first time to I thought it was a nice change. I was also raised catholic and I understand where you are coming from. I like to think that God doesn't discriminate. Thanks for sharing!!