Saturday, February 15, 2014


"Aria" by Richard Rodríguez is an autobiography written by a bilingual male. His first language is Spanish and he later started learning and speaking English when he was seven years old and in a Catholic School.

Extended Comments:

For this post I decided to use Sarah Medeiros's post to agree with the ideas that she had.

I agree that Richard was making "his overall message is one of finding an identity in the world." Just as Sarah pointed out. I totally agree with her connection to the "Silenced Dialogue". But I also ask if "Aria" connects to the first reading we did as a class being "Privilege, Power, and Difference" I make this connection because Allan G. Johnson says how he has so many privileges being a male. But could Richard actually have more privileges because he DOES know how to speak two languages. Honestly speaking I personally struggle every single day at working trying to understand what Spanish speaking customers are trying to tell me, and envy the other employees that can switch so quickly and not even think about it. Also when people at work start speaking Spanish I start trying to leave the scenario or just smile and fix myself, always wondering if their talking about something about me... Putting me at a greater disadvantage I feel. Also in education many children do come into the classrooms speaking only Spanish, and the people that are applying for the job that are bilingual have a greater opportunity to get the job, and have a better controlled class. Just like how Sarah said "a comforting environment where he did not feel as though he was being judged or tested when trying to give a response."

Overall I give Sarah most credit for all the thinking that I did because of this blog post.... Here's her blog to check it out and also check out the link she connected the blog to 

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