Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Silenced Dialogue

Yet again another late post... for a good reason I guess :D
So as I do for every reading that I have ever done I Google the author, this time being Delpit and then further Google their piece of work I am analyzing, these being "The Silenced Dialogue". Instantly I received 522,000 hits. This showing that many people have different opinions.


I found this blog that was written in 2005. This blog helped me understand what Delpit was trying to explain through her novel. I agree with the blog's author saying that the honor students are not receiving help either to help project their knowledge and to grow and develop also. Yes many of the ESL students and learning disability students need help but where are the honor students mixed in with this? As the author asks "How" is this managed?
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Excuse the lady saying "hum" quite a many times and this video connects PERFECTLY with our class AND what Delpit and Kozol say. We need to as teachers use our students as a resource instead of an obstacle. The only thing I disagree with this speaker is that many teachers are white, middle class, females. Teachers cannot fix who they are and what they're background is. Just as the students can not help who they are. It is not a teachers fault that this stereotype is what most are. It is like saying most successful doctors are male and Asian. That just seems rude and downgrading to everyone else in the occupation. I can speak for my self in knowing that I will not have a classroom full of people exactly like me. Not to mention I would not like to teach students must like me. I rather have an extremely integrated classroom and be able to hear opinions and backgrounds. The students teach you and they teach you.


Overall I think that Delpit discussed her view points in an extremely clean and undramatic way. However it was hard at multiple times to really understand what she meant.



    Anyways, I completely agree with what you posted! I love how you researched the author prior to reading the piece (maybe it's something that I should do) and I love how you related that video to this piece AND Kozol's piece! And I like when you wrote "Teachers cannot fix who they are and what they're background is. Just as the students can not help who they are". Once again, great thoughts!

  2. Hey Kaleena! Happy late birthday!! That's such a good idea to Google the author and the reading to help you understand this more, cause it was definitely not that easy! The link to the blog you posted totally helped me to understand Delpit's reading more. Nice job! :)