Sunday, March 23, 2014

Brown v. Board of Education



"most Americans believe that a racially integrated, ethnically diverse society and educational system is a worthy goal..." (Brown v. Board Website)

Sorry but I have to say I call B.S. on this quote. What I really want to know about this quote was the statistics behind it. The race and culture of the people. Lets connect this to Mott Haven. The children in this city in New York have seen, heard, and most likely done more than any child. These children have seen people get shot, siblings dying of diseases, and their parents fighting to just get a roll of bread on the table. If most Americans really believe this they need to come sit in our class one day or go to Service Learning with us.

"Denial of problems" "White people deny everything" (Video 2)

I find this funny actually, this comes from two white people. One an interviewer and one a writer. These people have most likely never looked at the world. These people are the "type" of people that do Service Learning for the political aspect. They are still going to get into their 25 grand car and drive up their driveway to see their wives with two kids about the eat dinner. (Yes I realize that this is exactly what "Safe Spaces" tells us not to believe). But look at the bigger picture, they CARE and GIVE some of their love but they still are not at the doorstep of the Board of Education laying down the facts.

On ABC Family their is a show called "Switched at Birth" I never realized how downgrading this show is, I always thought it was great and uplifting. "Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us" really still impacts everything I do, say, or watch. It probably always will honestly. In this television show there are two girls that were switched at birth. One got "lucky" and ended up being a part of a White family and going to private school while getting everything she imagined. The other got placed in a Latino family, and actually became deaf at the age of three. If she had good health care she could still have the luxury of being able to hear and talk "normally". Right now in the show Daphne the deaf switched has many lower-class students switched into her school.

Here is one video of the show. I personally can connect this with White v. Black, Hearing v. Deaf. These people like being deaf. It gives them identity, perspective, community. And "hearing people do not know themselves"
"Schools are no longer legally segregated, but because of residential patterns, housing discrimination, economic disparities and long-held custom, they most emphatically are in reality" (Article)


  1. Kaleena this was a great post! Your comments on the quotes really made me think differently, and the outside connects were great! I loved that you connected privilege to a TV show. Ive watched that show before and never even considered the underlying story, nice work!

  2. Kaleena! I really enjoyed reading your post! You did a great job with your connections! and I enjoyed watching the video as well!